Introduction To
The GIA ~ Ongoing Storylines

Important Note

Members of The GIA Co-Creators Community are free to create or co-create and produce any type of media that is GIA Related Media, or media which is totally Non-GIA Related Media. It is entirely up to you guys.

If you do wish to produce GIA Related Media, we ask that you study and work with The GIA Ongoing Storylines ~ but you don’t even have to do that, if you prefer not to. The reason we are asking you to work with The GIA Ongoing Storylines if you can, is simply in order to represent “The GIA Omniverse”  as fully and as accurately as possible, in Videos, Games, Books, Articles, Podcasts etc.

You could think of it this way: Imagine that George Lucas asked you to help co-create The Star Wars Universe and produce the Original Media for that Universe, or if Marvel / DC Comics asked you to help co-create The Marvel Universe and / or The DC Universe, or if J.R.R. Tolkein had asked you to help him co-create Middle Earth Sagas. How cool would that be?

Well, that’s sort of what we’re inviting you to do here, except that we are also hoping you will do two other things too, namely:

1] Present The GIA Omniverse as accurately and realistically as possible – bearing in mind that the acronym of GIA stands for both “Global Improvement Agency” and “God Is All”.

2] If possible, we would also like you to produce what we call “Level 3 Productions”, if you can, because directly or indirectly this will actively help to establish The GIA in reality and, in time, this will also help to transform The Global Entertainment Industry into The Global Enablement Industry.

It’s pretty simple, once you get your head around it.