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“To Protect & Serve” seems to be my general life-purpose.

At 19 years of age I became a Police Officer in the UK, resigning 16 years later in order to continue to Protect & Serve in a different and more international arena.

Way back in 1987, whilst still a UK Police Officer, I began self-initiated and self-funded research into, “How the whole of life and nature co-create, sustain, enliven, enrich and enjoy all natural ecosystems – wholly naturally.”.

Whilst that research is still ongoing, and no doubt will be for the rest of my life,  I learned very early on that the ways in which the whole of life and nature express themselves all of the time is by jointly establishing and evolving wholly natural Authentic Ecosystems, which actually work because they are inherently sustainable.

Fundamentally, an authentic ecosystem simply functions: for the general good of all.

Conversely, for millennia, we human beings have set up and we still strive to maintain extremely myopic Artificial Egosystems, which ultimately don’t actually work because they are inherently unnatural and unsustainable things.

Fundamentally, an artificial egosystem complicatedly dysfunctions: to mainly benefit a few.

So, in 1990, I resigned from Thames Valley Police and began working as a freelance consultant / facilitator in the world of business, promoting and teaching the principles of globally responsible business, nature’s way, which basically entails consciously doing business for the good of all.

I recently moved from the UK to Sweden, where I am writing educational books and just beginning the process of establishing the new business: “True Nature: Research & Education Services” (True Nature).

True Nature is a wholly owned yet wholly autonomous department of Lelia Media L3C which functions as her department of open research and quality control.

The intention is to establish the world’s first “True Nature Research Center” – either here in beautiful Bredsjö, right in the heart of Swedish wolf-country, or in the highlands of Scotland.

For the time being I am also working as the Editor of True Nature Magazine.

In brief, I facilitate higher level thinking and thus enable individuals, groups, organisations and communities to “go to the next level” of their development.

I’ve done such work with numerous individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally since 1990 and that is the kind of work I have been doing most recently with Leah Juarez, close friend and founder of Lelia Media L3C. (See examples of my work with Leah and co in the “My Documents” section below.)

Now, in setting up “True Nature: Research, Education & Consultancy Services” and in time establishing a “True Nature Research Center”, I will continue to support the work of Lelia Media L3C since the two enterprises will exist as natural complements to one other.

Example Document #1

Main Title: Ray's Better World Guides for Lelia Media L3C: Setting Up A Better-World Business (Part 1):

Subtitle: Lelia Media L3C: Consciously Forming A Compassionate Enterprise:


Lelia Media is now registered as a specific type of legal entity in the USA known as an L3C, where:

“An L3C is a for-profit, social-enterprise venture, which has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income.”

It is my understanding that the intention of the founders of Lelia Media L3C is to commence trading by Spring or Summer of 2016 and that they, being conscious of the definitions of Levels of Consciousness and Economic Paradigms provided in this document, intend to operate from day one, to the best of their ability, as an Authentic Enterprise which initially advocates, promotes and consciously employs Ecological Economics in order to achieve relevant results in a good way.

(To read full document, please click here)

Example Document #2:

Main Title: Ray's Better World Guides for Lelia Media L3C: Setting Up A Better-World Business (Part 2):

Subtitle: Biomimicry Of The Fourth Kind:


With the utmost respect to Janine Benyus, who states:

There are three types of biomimicry – one is copying form and shape, another is copying a process, like photosynthesis in a leaf, and the third is mimicking at an ecosystem’s level, like building a nature-inspired city.

…there are actually at least four types of biomimicry:

“Biomimicry Of The Fourth Kind” entails deliberately stretching beyond engaging solely in bio-mimicry, or trying to merely mimic how life does something, and consciously engaging in true bio-integration whilst also trying to mimic how life does something.

(To read full document, please click here).