The DOOR - Opening Soon...

This where GIA Related Media and also Non-GIA Related Media may be accessed by users of The DOOR once the new platform is live. Think of a Netflix / Amazon Prime / YouTube type of experience for accessing Movies, TV Series, Videos, Games, Podcasts, Music, Articles & More, with all original media being produced and made available to Users by Authors who are members of The GIA Co-Creators Community via our new blockchain-based platform  called, “The DOOR”.

Some media items will be made available completely free of charge, whilst other media items will have to be purchased or rented by Users who wish to see, play, hear or read them. The Author of each piece of media decides whether he or she wishes to Sell / Rent to, or freely Share their work with all Users ~ or specific categories of Users ~ via The DOOR platform. 

To begin to appreciate the potential of The DOOR being a blockchain based platform – please watch the video below: