Introduction To Producing
~ NON-GIA Related Media ~

The acronym of The GIA stands for two things, namely: “Global Improvement Agency” and “God Is All“. Please note that this is not a ‘religious’ thing. Rather that last statement simply reflects the understanding of the founders of The GIA that we all inhabit a Divine, Loving, Living, Conscious & Energetic (Electric) Universe.

However, we appreciate that not every content-creator and media-producer is going to agree with the idea that “God Is All” and not every content-creator or media-producer is going to want to be directly involved in helping to co-create The Global Improvement Agency (The GIA) in reality.

Some people will just want to create their random content and produce their Non-GIA Related Media and offer that to people via The DOOR platform, either in order to try to sell it or perhaps just to share it with the world ~ and that is absolutely fine by us. (But you still need to join The GIA Co-Creators Community in order to be able to do that.)