Level 1, Level 2 &
Level 3 Media Productions Explained:

Level 1 Media Productions & Level 2 Media Productions Explained:

Level 1 Productions:

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A “Level 1 Production” is any type of media that is created and produced in order to simply  Entertain its audience.

Most of the movies, TV shows, video games and other forms of media produced by The Global Entertainment Industry are what The GIA would consider to be: “Level 1 Productions”.

Level 1 Productions are Meaningless Media. All forms of Meaningless Media are fun or engaging distractions, but they are nothing more than that.

This, of course, is OK ~ unless and until a person or a group of people become so highly addicted to such distractions that, in effect, they turn into: “Meaningless-Media Zombies” ~ which is obviously extremely unhealthy for them and not OK.

Level 2 Productions:

A “Level 2 Production” is any type of media that thoroughly Entertains its audience, just like a “Level 1 Production”, but which also truly Enlightens (Educates) its audience in some way.

Please note, however, that true Enlightenment / Education is the absolute opposite of the ‘Endarkenment’ or Indoctrination facilitated by Propaganda.

Genuine Level 2 Productions are thus a basic form of beneficial and wholesome Meaningful Media. They include things like fascinating full-length video documentaries ~ or even mini-masterpieces like the “New View Of The Moon”, featured below:

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Level 3 Media Productions Explained

“Level 3 Productions” are an advanced form of Meaningful Media.

They consist of any media production that not only Entertains and Enlightens its audience in some way, but which is deliberately and primarily produced in order to actively Enable some real and positive “Beneficial Externality” to be produced that is of significant value and benefit to other People and / or The Planet in some way.

Level 3 Media Productions are currently extremely rare. However, if these were to become the norm ~ whilst also managing to be just as entertaining as any Level 1 Production ~ this would in time transform The Global Entertainment Industry into The Global Enablement Industry.

Hence, members of The GIA Co-Creators Community are encouraged to produce, if and when they can, Level 3 Productions that in some way support the work of The GIA In Reality specifically, or We The People & The Planet in general.

Either directly or indirectly, this will significantly and organically help to establish and grow The Global Improvement Agency worldwide: Truly For The Good Of All.

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Rosetta. Described on its release as a “wrenching work of social realism”, the film follows the life of a young, poor Belgian teenager living on a trailer park with her alcoholic mother. When she’s not looking after her mother, she’s desperately trying to find and hold on to a job, in the vain hope of working her way out of her situation.

The movie not only touched critics – against all odds, it won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes film festival – but also Belgian policy-makers. The same year, they voted through “Rosetta’s Law” to protect the rights of teenage workers in the country.