Introduction To Producing
~ GIA Related Media ~

The acronym of The GIA stands for two things, namely: “Global Improvement Agency” and “God Is All“. Please note that this is not a ‘religious’ thing. Rather that last statement simply reflects the understanding of the founders of The GIA that we all inhabit a Divine, Loving, Living, Conscious & Energetic (Electric) Universe. This is explained further in The GIA Ongoing Storylines section on The GIA Main Site.

So, with this in mind, when we talk about members of The GIA Co-Creators Community creating and producing GIA Related Media, ideally in the form of “Level 3 Productions” if possible, we’re talking about creating and producing any type of original media at all, such as Videos, Games, Books, Podcasts, Articles etc., which in some way will do one, or both, of the following two things:

    1] Help members of The GIA Co-Creators Community to co-create The GIA In Reality, via the production of what we call “Level 3 Productions“, which will help to establish The GIA as a bona-fide Global Improvement Agency that is operated ethically and supported fully by We The People & The Planet ~ and which will always work: Truly For The Good Of All.

    2] Help people to understand the spiritual and practical implications of the simple fact that God Is All and that we actually do live in a Divine, Loving, Living, Conscious & Energetic (Electric) Universe ~ which is currently a Paradox Reality, but which has the potential to become a genuine Paradise Reality.