Why 9/11 Happened

Is This The Real Reason Why 9/11 Happened?

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Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? Many researchers believe that it was, and this documentary presents a compelling series of claims which, on the face of it certainly deserve to be taken seriously and to be properly investigated.

The links below relate to key websites, documents etc., referred to by the author of this documentary as key sources of factual information.

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“Black 911” by Mark H. Gaffney: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Also by Mark H. Gaffney: Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

A guide to 9/11 Whistleblowers

Project Hammer

World Trade Center Building 6

SEC Act Section 12(k)2:

Richard Grove’s testimony (complete transcript)

“Collateral Damage” by E.P. Heidner

The CIA’s forty-year complicity in the narcotics trade by Alfred W. McCOY

Executive Order 12333

(This document created an agreement between the CIA and Justice Department (DEA) to look the other way on Government Drug Trafficking)

AIG and Drug Money

Maurice Greenberg’s report for the CFR

Richard Armitage, Frank Carlucci, Herbert Winokur, and company

Post 9/11 Promotions:

9/11 Gold Theft and other smoking guns:

Killtown Review

Kevin Ryan’s landmark article on who had “Demolition access to the WTC Towers”: 1]  Tenants: 2]  Security: 3]  Convergence: 4]  Clean Up:

For blueprints of the WTCs with a list of all the suspicious tenants and connections check out: 911blogger

Kevin R. Ryan, et al, Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials, The Environmentalist, Volume 29, Number 1 / March, 2009

Kevin R. Ryan, The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nanothermites, Journal of 9/11 Studies, July 2008

Website for In-Q-Tel

Wikipedia page for Jerome Hauer

On the right you can watch Peter Jennings interview with Jerome Hauer, ABC, on 9/11.

Akzo’s International Paint is the maker of Interchar: http://www.sti.nasa.gov/tto/Spinoff2006/ps_3.html

Taku Murakami, US Patent 5532449 – Using plasma ARC and thermite to demolish concrete

Albert Gibson et al, Integral low-energy thermite igniter, US Patent number: 4464989

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University, founded in 1832. Members have included George H.W. Bush, his father Prescott Bush, his son George W. Bush, his brother Jonathan J. Bush, and many other powerful people. For LMI’s mission, see its website.

Michael C. Ruppert, Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly into the CIA’s Highest Ranks, October 9, 2001

Kevin R. Ryan, Mahmud Ahmed’s itinerary from his Washington DC visit the week of 9/11

The agreement between LLNL and Savannah River can be found here.

Savannah’s reference to developing sol-gels can be found here

SEC document for Washington pre-payments.

The Ties That Bind, Descended from family business empires, six huge business groups dominate the Japanese economy, Multinational Monitor, October 1983

Securacomm Consulting Inc. v. Securacom Incorporated, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, January 20, 1999, 49 U.S.P.Q.2d 1444; 166 F.3d 182,

Wikipedia page for Stratesec

SEC filing for Stratesec, May 2, 1997

Kroll Inc website